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Safe Supply means low barrier access to safe, regulated opioid and stimulant drugs. As British
Columbia battles the overdose epidemic, never has it been more important to raise your voice in
support of drug policy that respects the human rights of people who use drugs. Every day 4
British Columbians die of overdose.
Safe supply is a glimmer of hope in the midst of a crisis. 
However, currently regulatory barriers make meeting people “where they are at” nearly
That’s why we need you to write to Ministers Adrian Dix and Judy Darcy and tell them that BC
needs low-barrier safe supply access points across the entire province.
Below is the letter, but we want them to hear from you. 

How would a safe supply change your life?


Dear Ministers Darcy and Dix

As a person who uses drugs that has needlessly lost people that I love to the overdose
epidemic, I encourage your Ministries to open safe supply access points to oral and injectable
hydromorphone and injectable heroin across the entire province.
Having a safe supply would change my life for the better in many different ways. It would give
me hope for the future, it would mean not having to worry that the next drug I take could kill me,
or kill someone I care about. It would mean that I could live a life without fearing a prison
sentence. It would provide dignity and safety to myself and other people I care about.
I want safe supply to be accessible and allow take home doses
1. Remove all existing barriers that prevent oral hydromorphone being widely dispensed to
people at risk of overdose across British Columbia
2. Negotiate a lower price for injectable hydromorphone
3. import injectable and oral heroin tablets.